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Here you will find money saving tips and info for many common plumbing problems.


If your a little handy or like to try to fix things on your own there are many things you can try before calling your local plumber. Here we will be listing different tips that will be updated on a regular basis, so be sure to bookmark us and check back often.




If the toilet suddenly backs up, or a tap continues to leak, or a sink won’t drain, there are several relatively simple self-fixes you can try before calling your local Plumber.

How to Unblock A Toilet

  Turn off the valve which serves the toilet, then wait for the trapped water to seep away.

Put on a pair of rubber gloves, reach in and try to remove any obvious blockages. If that doesn’t work, add a little dish soap to a half-bucket of  hot (not boiling) water, then pour the mixture into the toilet from a couple of feet above the top of the bowl. If the pressure and agitation caused by the falling water doesn’t work, the detergent may loosen the blockage.

 Use a heavy-duty rubber plunger, or attempt to push out the obstruction with a plumbing snake (a flexible coil of wire on a spool). You can buy or rent  a manual version at most home depot stores.

 If answering your own plumbing issues doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, simply call Rickey Rooter, your local plumber to schedual a service call.  


Fixing a Leaky Faucet

Dripping is annoying, costly and environmentally unsound. Start your DIY repair by identifying where exactly the leak is coming from (under the handle, from the aerator and from the base of the spout are the most common culprits).

Check the faucet manufacturer’s website, and learn the disassembly process they recommend. Shut off water to the sink and block the drain to ensure no parts use it as an untimely exit.

Per the manufacturer’s instructions, remove the handle(s) and the nut that holds all the valve parts together, then remove the valve stem and parts. Visually check for the broken or worn parts that may be causing the leak. Rubber and plastic components are the most vulnerable, especially washers, seals, and O-rings.

Newer faucets have cartridges that most manufacturers will send you replcements free of charge.

 If answering your own plumbing issues doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, simply call Rickey Rooter, your local plumber to schedual a service call.



Three Tips to Unclog a Sink

 The advice here applies equally to both kitchen sinks and those in the bathroom.

Try the toilet plunger first. Minor blockages will very often evaporate after a couple of hard pops, because they’re commonly caused by hair and soap binding together (or food scraps and grease in the kitchen). If that doesn’t work, try pouring boiling water into the drain; it, too, is great at breaking up clogs.

The last DIY fix to try is removing the “U”-shaped trap below the sink itself. Wear your rubber gloves, use a wrench to loosen both retaining nuts, then unscrew them completely while holding a bucket beneath where you’re working. Slop the blockage into the bucket, then replace the assembly.

If answering your own plumbing issues doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, simply call Rickey Rooter, your local Plumber to schedual a service call.












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